Does your group or organization want to raise funds for an
event, trip, uniforms, performance, etc?

Let Tallahassee Furniture Direct HELP!

Tired of the same old “been there done that” fundraisers?
Had enough selling candy, candles, and wrapping paper?
Don’t want kids out going door to door selling “overpriced” stuff?
Parents sick of working games, paying fees, and selling to friends at work?

Well, there is another way!!

Tallahassee Furniture Direct can help make fundraising less of a hassle, more fun,
and a program the community actually embraces.

We offer a unique, outside the box, guaranteed way to make funds for your organization.

Simply put, it’s a mattress fundraiser!

When they hear this program, coaches or head of organizations, always say:
“You do what? Really? Does that work?”

Actually, it does!

Call today to find out more detail! 850-545-7112

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